About Us

Driving Logistics were established in October 2001 by directors Marc Harding and Ashley Farebrother. Both directors have decades of experience within the transport and logistics industry mainly the operations and consultancy levels. The directors experience within the industry has always given Driving Logistics the edge in relating to clients operations ensuring we supply the correct calibre of staff and service to all our clients.

For the foreseeable future every conceivable enterprise that has to collect or deliver goods is going to be reliant on driving supply agencies to provide staff, as we do, to cater for both day-to-day and long-term needs. Indeed, this reliance on supply agencies has grown over the last decade and shows no signs of abating. But, with that commercial opportunity for agencies like ours, have come increasingly stringent demands.

Driver supply, as all parties are increasingly aware, is a high-risk industry.We have to source individuals who are trained and competent, equipped for the rigours of a demanding job, and in every sense safe to be allowed behind the wheel and onto Britain's roads. The understanding that ours is a high-risk industry is critical, not only the clients and drivers whom we introduce to each other but clearly to the consultants at Driving Logistics whose observance of operational standards earns our margin.

Standards are paramount. Driving supply agencies must comply with a raft of legislation that translates in our operations room, to a daily paper-chase. And, of course, it's all entirely necessary because that, and the face-to face meetings we conduct with both clients and the drivers who all have to be interviewed, are fundamental to ensure that Driving Logistics provides drivers who are unquestionably fit for purpose. At the same time as all of this we have to ensure that our drivers are placed on assignments to which they are suited — assignments where they are happy and content, assignments where they feel valued, assignments where they can shine and feel fulfilled.

We therefore serve two masters. Driving Logistics has only grown and prospered because clients and drivers alike understand that as intermediaries the imperative is to act as an exemplary facilitator, one that even-handedly serves both parties.

Lastly, Driving Logistics is our company. It operates to standards of which we are proud. It operates to standards with which we feel entirely comfortable, and it operates to standards that you, as a client or an employee who has a right to demand a duty of care from us, will no doubt come to regard as unsurpassable.

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